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Falmouth Health Centre Patient Participation Group


2015/16 Patient Participation Report
Link to the report (pdf)  

2014/15 Patient Participation Report
C1 - Following the establishment of a PPG the practice continues to use its best endeavours to ensure that the PPG is representative of its registered patients.
C2 - Patient feedback such as the national GP survey, local surveys and the Friends and Family Test (FFT) have been reviewed and agreement reached on changes to services or comments fed back to other service providers where appropriate.
C3 - Action plans based on the above have been developed and are detailed in the attached report.
C4 - The practice has implemented improvements and publicised the actions taken to the practice population.
Link to Patient participation combined report 2015 (pdf)

2013/14 Patient Participation Report
The attached report shows that the Practice has agreed which issues are a priority for 2013/14 and included these in a local practice survey and then carried out the survey.
The Practice provided an opportunity to comment and discuss the findings of the local practice survey and we reached agreement on changes in provision and manner of delivery of services.
The Practice agreed an action plan setting our priorities and proposals.
The Local Patient Participation Report is published on the Practice web site and we will report on subsequent updates.
Link to 2013/14 Local Patient Participation Report (FHC PPG combined report 2014.pdf)


PPG review and update 2013 PDF

Practice Patient Survey results; Download here
Practice Patient Survey results; Action Plan March 2012
Cornwall Patient Survey results 2012

Would you like to be more involved in the way that local NHS services are designed and run?

The Falmouth Health Centre Practice is setting up a Patient Participation Group to help us work together with our patients to improve services and promote health.

We are keen to recruit members from all sections of our patient population and initially all you need to do is express an interest in joining the Group. You are not committed to taking part at this stage.

It is likely that we will hold three or four meetings per year with most of the business being conducted by email or via a dedicated page on the Practice web site.

If you think you might be interested please send an email headed Patient Participation Group (or PPG) to our Practice Manager, Geoff Dennis:


In your email tell us just a bit about yourself name, contact details, age, sex, etc and why you would like to take part.

Anything you tell us will be in strict confidence and is only intended to help us make sure that when the Group is formed it is as inclusive as possible.

We will acknowledge all emails and keep you up to date with progress.

You can find more information about Patient Participation Groups at

Notes from first meeting on 31 Jan 2012