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Repeat Prescriptions                        

Prescription Charges   (check here to see if you are eligible for free prescriptions)

Repeat prescriptions are for preparations authorized by your Doctor for you to receive on a repeated basis for a fixed period without you having to see your Doctor. You must still be seen at least annually to continue receiving them. Authorized drugs are listed on the right hand side of the computer printout given to you with each repeat prescription issued. Only these items can be issued as repeats. If there are medications you take regularly that are not on the list please ask your Doctor if they may be added.
To request a repeat tick the boxes on the request form for the preparations you need. If you tick nothing you will receive none! But please only request those that you need to avoid waste. You may arrange to obtain your prescription in these ways:

  1. Simply send or hand in your request form and it should be available for you to collect in 2 working days.
  2. Provide a stamped-addressed envelope and we will post it back to you.
  3. Mark in the space provided which chemist you wish to use and the prescription will be collected by the chemist, and made up ready for you to collect. For this please allow at least 3 working days.
  4. Register with Patient Access and order repeats online

Please remember that when you ask for your prescription to go to the chemist the prescription is left at reception for your chemist to collect on your behalf. Although we will will help as much as possible, we cannot accept any responsibility if the prescription goes astray after it has been collected from us by you or any other person acting on your behalf.

Please also note that if you request any alterations to your prescription it will substantially delay it's return as it may have to receive additional attention from your Doctor and cannot be processed in the usual way.



 Last updated 12 May 2017