Managing vitamin B12 patients during COVID-19

For non-diet related deficiency, British Society for Haematology suggest omitting injections until the COVID19 outbreak surge has passed, as liver stores last for a year. In diet related deficiency, they advise suspending supplementation, or taking oral B12 50 mcg daily between meals if needed. BSH guidance on B12 supplements during COVID pandemic.


If higher doses are required, Cyanocominn 1mg tablets or CyancoB12 1mg Tablets and Lambert’s Vitamin B12 1000mcg tablets are all cost-effective options which can be prescribed or purchased by people who are able and willing to support the NHS by sourcing their own vitamin B12 tablets. The decision around which one to prescribe may well be guided by what the pharmacy is able to obtain.


Lambert's vitamin B12 1000 microgram tablets can be prescribed and currently have stock availability. Pharmacy accounts can be set up within 48 hours to order these.


Vitamin B12 and bariatric surgery. Advice during COVID19

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