Death Certificate


  • Any medical practitioner can issue, even if they did not attend the deceased in their last illness if the medical practitioner who did attend is not available, and the deceased had been seen (visually) by A medical practitioner in the last 28 days.  Telephone call does NOT amount to attendance (they specify this)

  • If NO medical practitioner attended the deceased in the last 28 days, then any practitioner can sign the MCCD if they are happy to state the cause of death AND they have agreement from the Coroner (ie. speak to Coroners Office)

  • COVID-19 accepted as cause of death 1(a)

  • The recording of “Probable Covid-19” or “Possible Covid-19” as the cause of death is not acceptable on its own. However, when accompanied by an acceptable cause of death in part 1 of the MCCD it can be accepted for registration without need for referral. 

  • “To complete an MCCD, a doctor must be able to state a (natural) cause of death to the best of their knowledge and belief. A doctor does not have to be sure. The standard required is less than on a balance of probability.”


Pre-notified death forms

Extended from 14 to 28 days, and NO requirement to personally attend patient (eg. telephone call to a family member /carer is sufficient)


Death verification

For a death in the community, it is anticipated verification of the fact of death will be dealt with by a member of a ‘team’ dispatched to collect, identify and recover a body.


Death from unascertained but non-suspicious cause

The registrar will now accept 1(a). Natural Causes.


Cremation forms 

ANY medical practitioner can now complete (not just the attending doctor).  Need for Part 2 has been dispensed with.

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