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Who can directly access your surgery-held electronic GP medical record, if needed and if appropriate?

  • All our GPs/Locum GPs and trainee doctors

  • All our Practice Nurses and Nurse Practitioners

  • All our Community (District) Nurses and Community Matron

  • All our Midwives

  • All our Admin team and Receptionists

  • All our Phlebotomists/Health Care Assistants

  • Our visiting Psychologists and Mental Health Practitioners

  • Our visiting Counsellors

  • Kernow Carer’s Service

  • Our visiting Dieticians

  • Our visiting Medicines Management support staff (CCG Staff)

  • Our visiting specialist nurses (palliative care, discharge liaison nurse)

  • Practice Manager & Management Team

  • Our Secretaries

  • Our Community ICT administrator (CCG)

  • Support staff from EMIS/Docman PCTI (responsible for our GP software and document management systems)

  • On a temporary basis, our medical students


Who cannot access your surgery-held electronic GP medical record without your explicit consent?

Anyone else, in particular:

  • The Department of Health

  • NHS England

  • NHS Digital

  • Medical Researchers, Pharmaceutical Companies, Journalists

Telephone Calls

  • Phone calls to and from the practice may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

  • Recorded calls are classed as data and will be encrypted and stored on a secure server located in the Practice.

  • Access to recorded calls is limited to a nominated data controller.

  • Recorded calls will not be shared with a third party without specific consent.

  • Parties to a call may request access to recorded calls under a subject access request.

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